Go through our website to find the perfect accomodation. Look at the pictures, the video tour made by one of our home verifier, and carefully go through the detailed informations about the place. You can even look for a place close from your university with our map.


Found your dream home ? You can book it through the platform by introducing yourself to the landlord and sending a reservation request for free.


The landlord has a maximum of 36 hours to approve or deny your reservation. for extra specifics of sizzling 777 slots free online. Once your request is approved, you can start getting ready, you’re one step away from your home !


Wouhou ! That’s it, you can now move in at the mentionned dates. Our system will provide you with a leasing contract and you will pay first month’s rent, plus a small service fee to keep you safe in case you have any troubles until you arrive and cover our leasing guarantee. This is also when we can help you set-up banking, select a mobile plan, and discuss about your experience in your new city.

Enjoy !

Organise your arrival with the landlord by sending them a message. Once you get in the apartment, you have 24 hours until we transfer your payment to the landlord to ensure that everithing is okay.

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Information Section

How long does the booking process take?

The landlord has 36 hours to accept or deny your reservation request. If they don’t answer, the reservation request is automatically considered as refused. Once the reservation is approved, you can proceed with the payment of first month’s rent online. Be quick, other potential tenants are waiting for the apartment to be available as well !

What methods of payment accepted?

When you decide to make the payment on the platform, you can either pay by international wire transfer, through Paypal, or with Debit/Credit card. We accept all kind of payments to make sure that your reservation is safe. If you decide to make a payment outside of the platform, we are completly not responsible of any potential prejudices you may experience and we strongly advise against doing that. The entire goal of the project is that you benefit from our help and support to make your installation a successful experience, and remember we cannot do that if you have not used our platform to book your apartment.

Can I use more than one payment method to pay for a reservation?

Of course. By going to your dashboard, you can follow the steps to add your prefered payment method. If you don’t have any of the available payment methods available, you can contact us and we will help you setup a Canadian Bank Account in order to proceed with your payment.

How do I edit or remove a payment method?

By going to your dashboard or during the check out where you can select your preferred payment method.

Help on your reservations

What happens if my host cancels my reservation?

As a rule of thumb, landlords don’t have any reason to cancel your reservation once you have proceeded first month’s rent and have been approved for your reservation request. In the rare possible case when some situation like this happens, don’t worry. We will reimburse you entirely and assist you personally in finding a new accomodation. We’re here for you, don’t forget !

What is the Resolution Center?

Studint’s resolution center is the team of professionals that here to help you through any potential issue you might have. We are available from monday to sunday at the adress or through our phone number 1(844)-212-0817 to assist you with any issue. Don’t hesitate to reach out !

What happens if the listing is not as advertised ?

We take quality  and transparency very seriously by visiting every single property and meeting with the owners to make sure that everything is okay. If, however, the property includes damages or is not as the one you booked through our platform, you have 24 hours to reach out to our resolution center and we will take care of the situation. We hold landlord’s payment and only transfer the amount after 24 hours.

Should I book if I have not heard back from the landlord ?

Landlords, like all of us, can sometime get busy. Once they have aproved your reservation request, you can move forward and book. We cover you until you move in the unit, so don’t worry if hosts take a little bit of time before answering you.

Included In The Rent

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