Want To Know Why We're Doing This ?

3 reasons that makes Studint a hyper user focused startup


Because We Love It

One year ago, we decided to tackle the rental market to make installation easier for international students. We started out with valuable help from family, friends & university and did not stop our work ever since, since we really love what we do. 

Because We Lived It

5 years ago, we came to Montreal to pursue our studies. Little did we know how complicated, messy, and long it would take us to get settled. We wanted to benefit from a solution like Studint, and that’s why we decided to create it.

Because We Have The Team

We are driven by improving on the current offering and like to get things done, just like you ! It is easy to find better specifics sizzling hot deluxe online. We are gathering furnished inventory and creating a platform that connects listings with tenants, because, well, it was needed !

What's our story ?

We came to Montreal 5 years ago to pursue our studies and experience life in a new city. As much as we loved it, we found that there was so much fun things to do when you arrive someplace new that, well, you don’t want to invest 3 weeks of your time in searching for a place, furnishing it, set up banks and internet, while still taking your marks.

With entrepreneurship running in our veins we first teamed up with a very simple company to learn the basics and start working together. Once we started, it was impossible to go back : we had to start a business that makes a difference !

Studint is the story of two passionate entrepreneurs that have learned how to really offer precious value and to solve a problem. We visit every place to make sure it’s reliable and review the details with the owner. We take care of the fuzzy details and even worked up a guarantee deal for you. It’s now time for all of us to enjoy the platform, and to book a furnished apartment in the best possible way !

Included In The Rent

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